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Social Emotional 


makes me stronger

  • when we use up or lose purple bunnies and build them back up, we are building resilience.

  • Sometimes we just do not have many purple bunnies.  

  • Sometimes we start our day with a lot of pb but then, something happens.  Maybe we get disappointed. Perhaps our work that day is very difficult.

  • The bad news is.  . .that feeling is not comfortable.  We do not like the feeling.

  • The good news is. .  .we get to build resilience.


Solve Problems

resilince icon animated.gif

In the tunnel

  • Problems trigger a certain amount of stress.  

    • Small amounts of stress can be motivating and can enlist your brain and body's resources to go about solving the problem or task. (desirable difficulty)

  • Solving 'just right sized problems allows your brain to enter the state of "Flow"

  • Getting 'stuck' in the tunnel is undesirable

    • When the problem is perceived as unmanageable, too big or some people get 'stuck' in the problem which increases stress. This can cause people to exhibit a variety of responses.

  • Some people view problems as evidence of failure or fallibility.  

  • It is essential to encourage people and support them through problems, so they have the resilience to get through them on their own.  Do not ever solve other's problems for them.


2tunnels stress.jpg

Integrity and Honesty

  • Sometimes when a problem appears too big, people attempt unhealthy strategies to solve the problem

    • Dishonesty

    • Avoidance
      • mess around or talk to a neighbor
      • hiding
      • intoxication
      • social media
      • getting lost in a book
    • Blame
  • These approaches only serve to cause other problems.
  • These additional problems compound the problem and stress.
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