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Social Emotional 

Step 3 PurpleBunny Supply

Where do PurpleBunnies come from?

slide animation through tunnel .gif

Going through the tunnel.

From Step 1 we learned that there are a variety of problems.  Problems can feel uncomfortable.  Choosing not to solve a problem directly can result in new problems.


In the animation at the bottom f the page, you'll see these factors addressed.

Three factors for going through the tunnel. 

  • The length of the tunnel 

  • Supply of PurpleBunnies you have to start with

  • Recoup the Supply: getting through the tunnel results in PurpleBunnies.

The length of the tunnel.

The length of the tunnel is related to an idea from Social Thinking called the “Size of the Problem.” Some problems are big some problems are small. A problem that is large to one person might be small to another person.


Supply of PurpleBunnies.

  • It depends on how many PurpleBunnies each person has built up to solve the problem.

  • How much resilience the problem solver has.

  • How many people are working to tackle the problem.

  • One final factor to the size of the problem is skills.  A problem-solver may have to solve many smaller problems in order to build the skills needed to solve a new problem.  Each skill built or smaller problem solved will result in resilience, PurpleBunnies, and skills.

One needs resilience, PurpleBunnies, and skills to solve larger problems. Some problems have multiple layers of course which can make some problems seem very big.


We mentioned that the size of the problem that we can solve depends on how many PurpleBunnies you have. That is because it costs PurpleBunnies in order to go through a tunnel. If you do not have very many PurpleBunnies. Then the problem that you can handle needs to be shorter or smaller. Unless you have people to help you which is always a good thing.

Solving problems 'costs' purpleBunnies.  Helping others 'costs' purpleBunnies.


Recoup the supply.

We want to get through the tunnel because when we solve the problem our brain gives us a reward. We call that reward, PurpleBunnies. The bigger the problem, the more PurpleBunnies you have to spend, the more PurpleBunnies you earn in the end. 

people cost arrows through tunnel  bunni
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