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Trisha Dotts, MA, NBCT

A unique perspective on problem-solving, perseverance, trauma and education informs my practice.

​Just a few of my lenses that alter my view.

  • I do not have a right hand.

  • I have  been impacted by trauma.

  • Now, that we know it's a 'thing'  I can say I have ADHD.

Along with a few other unique lenses, but those will be revealed as you follow along.

This girl though, will NOT be held back.

One-handedness . . Not a big deal.  It is not considered a disability to anyone who would offer a grant not does it allow me any special privileges.

Since I have been required to resolve any learning issues on my own, I have examined implications of insignificant-seeming disabilities interfere with progress.

I was blessed with parents who raised me to believe that I had to be twice as good as anyone else to be just as good.  

Now, that makes it look like I advocate for the DON'T LET ANYTHING GET IN YOUR WAY  and YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING if you just WANT IT BAD enough!

But, overcoming obstacles isn't as simple as that.  Like all important things in life, overcoming, mastering, dominating  is a very complex and nuanced issue.

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