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Solve Problems

Help Others

Build Resilience

Appreciate Differences

Have you ever been frustrated, working on a problem?  Have you ever felt you were in a grumpy rut?   Are you the type of person who has the confidence to do anything?  Or struggle to have the courage to take risks?  Read more about Purple Bunnies to see how to harness your power to bring yourself up when you are down or give you the fuel to persevere to solve that problem!

Students need you!

If you want to feel instantly happy by helping others, buy a PurpleBunny T-shirt!  Proceeds from shirt sales help spread social-emotional programs for students.  These programs help students learn how solving problems and helping others bring happiness.  They also learn how to build resilience.  Additionally, those who learn to appreciate differences that each have builds self-confidence and teaches them to appreciate the differences in others.